150cm Triple Buxus Artificial Tree Deluxe

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Introduce luxury to your space with the 150cm Triple Buxus Artificial Tree Deluxe. This exquisite artificial tree features three lush buxus spheres, offering a grand, maintenance-free green statement for both indoor and outdoor settings.”

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The 150cm Triple Buxus Tree Deluxe is a premium choice for those seeking an opulent and natural ambiance. This artificial tree stands out with its three-tiered buxus balls, each meticulously crafted to present a full, lifelike appearance.

Measuring 150cm in height, it commands attention in any setting, from elegant garden landscapes to sophisticated indoor areas.

Constructed with superior materials, it boasts enhanced durability and weather resistance, ideal for outdoor use. Its lush, evergreen foliage maintains its allure throughout the year, eliminating the need for watering or pruning.

Perfect for upscale homes, businesses, or events where a touch of deluxe greenery is desired.